Oh the agony of de feet! Part 1 of 6

The worst thing about my dollies is always the need for shoes! I, personally, can make shoes for only one size of my dolls. The 18" doll -ie my American Girl, Stardust Classic, Carpatina, & Lissi dolls. I've broken up my feet problems into 6 categories, 18", Barbie, Soft baby doll, Fashion doll, no feet, and all the rest(lol).
I wish the shoes could be so interchangeable for more of my dolls but alas it is not so.

I'll start with my 18" dolls -
American Girl(Samantha, Bess, Jess, & Tempe) - I used Bess in the pics, I only needed one reference on the foot size and all AGs are the same on feet.
Representing American Girl:
Stardust Classic(Laurel & Princess Alissa)
Carpatina(Ana Ming) Now I used Alissa as the reference on this one, Ana has the same size as the Stardusts so this wasn't a big issue on who to use.
Representing Stardust Classic and Carpatina dolls:
Princess Alissa
Lissi (Lissi) - She's a German soft bodied doll, a lot like the AGs, but she cannot stand on her own, only the bottom of her legs are vinyl - not full legs like AG, but she's close in size
Lissi for Lissi!
So close up of the feet:
Bess: Shoes on and one shoe off

Alissa: Shoes on and one shoe off

Lissi: Shoes on and one shoe off

You can see the difference in shoe sizes:
Alissa, Bess, Lissi
Then I tried the girls shoes on each other - Lissi and Bess are pretty much interchangeable on the shoes (I only have one pair from Lissi so more like she can wear AG shoes with no issue.). Now with Alissa and the Carpatina dolls... they have much thinner feet. Lissi can  *almost* fit but her feet are still too wide. The AG are even wider so it does not work.

Alissa with AG shoe, then Lissi - they fit technically but they are really loose

Bess in Lissi's shoe and the Alissa - Lissi fits, Alissa... I had to laugh it would do nothing but sit awkwardly sideways.

Lissi in Bess' shoe, no issue, and then wearing Alissa's shoe - fits a little less awkward than Bess in the shoe, but it doesn't fit none the less - again Lissi's feet, like Bess', are too wide

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