Military Theory

In the box
So my mom got a new outfit for Ellowyne. I got to dress my El up in the clothes first.

Piece One, Leotard:
First Piece - Leotard
Back of leotard
Buttons on sleeves
Close-up bow and frills
  Piece Two, Pants:
Pants over the leotard
Pants have a loop for holding daggers
(More on those later)
 Piece Three, Boots:
Boots over the pants
Boots Front
Boots Side
Boots zip up in back
  Piece Four, Jacket:
4 pieces
Jacket front
Jacket back
  Piece Five, Skirt Corset Combo:
All five pieces
Close-up corset skirt combo. It is one piece
Close up of the back
  Piece Six, Gloves:
HARD to get on!!
Thumb is separate from other fingers
  Piece Seven, Hat:
With hat on
Close up of hat
Look! Over there!
  Piece Eight, Daggers:
There are two
Fit in the leg buckle
Now for the extra photo shoot!
She's so cute
With a hat!
Holding the hat at her side, wearing the full outfit
With hat on, wearing full outfit, backside
Looking at you!
Turns out, she can stand without her stand!


Upcoming additions

Well I can say I got a few new dolls - I got Scarah Screams [I Heart Fashion] from Toys R Us. Nice! She's brand new and my first Scarah! I also got two more girls on Black Friday(thank you Target, only $15 for both dolls. The Target exclusive Scarily Ever After dolls were $10 a doll and the Ghouls Alive also $10, but they ALSO had a buy one get one free on ALL Monster High dolls! $10 for 1, $5 for the second BOOM!)

I got Threadarella and the Ghouls Alive Spectra. I know I did have Spectra on here before, but since she was in box(because she was for my mother-in-law) I can do more pictures with her and my other Spectra.

I almost forgot! I also got a new Power Ghoul - Toralei as Catastrophe! She is a beauty!

I'm hoping to soon add one or two of the Ever After High dolls to my group. They are starting to show up here. I really love Madeline and Raven - but Apple White Legacy day is GORGEOUS!!!

So stay tuned for updates!!



Zelfs are cute!

OK so I was perusing around Toys R Us for toys for my niece's birthday when I came across these adorable little babies. They are called Zelfs. They are a cross between trolls and care bears - lol. They are a lot like the troll dolls I grew up with, but are so much CUTER!  They are cute, cute, cute little elf trolls. Also they seem to match my Monster High girls. I've matched the ones I have to some of my MH dolls.

There are 13 in all so far. 
I have 7 of them. I would love to get them all. They come in 3 sizes. I only have the medium sized ones. They seem to be available only at Toys R Us. I haven't seen them anywhere else.

So here's my cuties:

Lil' D
Lil D
Lil D Front
He's got a tail!!
I paired him with Toralei Stripe
Matching colors!

I paired her with Jinafire.
I loved the gold & green, thought they worked

Back - cute wings!!
Paired with: Draculaura! Obviously!
She's a werewolf!
TAIL!! Cute
Who else is a werewolf?
Lovely fins
Adorable body
So Mermalade the mermaid loves Lagoona
Who would have guessed? lol

A purpler version of Vampula
Still cute
Wings too
I think the color complement of Twyla was quite nice

Miss Clover is rare
She's adorable
Clover wings
All of the zelfs arms & legs move
They can sit
Cute face!!!
So I thought that Venus was a good fit for Miss Clover :)
Both green and planty