Lotty the daredevil

You can trust me!
Turns out Lotty is a bit of a daredevil. This is not for the faint of heart!!(Like poor Bundles!!)
According to Lotty it all started when she was taking Mimi for a walk.

Come along Mimi!
Mimi!! Stop! Mimi!!!
Did you see Mimi Rosy??
She went that way Lotty!
No! Mimi fell down here!! I can reach here if I hang just right!
Lotty! What are you doing!! You'll fall!!
I must get Mimi!!!
I got her Rosy! Help me up!
Ahh!!!! Bundles don't look!!!!
I'm slipping Rosy!! Help!!
Bundles: Waaaaaaaaa!!! Don't die Lotty!!!!
I've got you!!!!
Rosy: ::panting:: You're safe Lotty!
Bundles: Lemme see!!!
Blossom: Lotty you scared us to death!!
Blossom: She's OK Bundles!!!
Rosy: Don't worry Bundles!
Bundles: Lemme see Lotty!!
Blossom: See Bundles - Lotty's OK
Rosy: Lotty, let me make sure you're OK
Bundles: Lotty Ok? Need a bite of ice cream?
Make you feel better!
(Mimi is now playing with the frog behind Blossom)
Lotty: Thank you Bundles, but I'm fine :)
Lotty it looks like you're completely fine.
Please don't go over the edge like that again!!
Let me help you up :)
Thanks Rosy!
Rosy: Bundles, you're so sweet to offer your ice cream.
Bundles: Ice cream make it all better!
Rosy: Lotty, tell Bundles you're sorry.
Lotty: Sorry for scaring you Bundles.
Bundles: I love Lotty and Rosy! And Blossom!!
Lotty: I'm sorry for scaring everyone, it won't happen again.
You can trust me :) 

Lalaloopy Girls

So I have 2 new girls to welcome to my doll family! Yes, I said 2! I don't generally buy many of the Lalaloopsy dolls, and as some of you may know the only large one I owned is a customized Blossom Flowerpot (I painted her bangs green!)
Blossom Flowerpot
I also own one of the Little Sisters: Bundles Snuggle Stuff
How can you help it when she's just that cute XD
I've been begging to get Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises - she's adorable AND she shares a birthday with my hubby(and has blue hair which to me is a major plus!!).  Hubby tells me I already have enough dolls. But then he sees they've made a full size Charlotte Charades(she's the cutest mime I've ever seen!) and he agrees I can have her if I can find her. I found her! Toys R Us was having a sale too so(buy 1 get 1 half off) so I got my Rosy also!!

So time to meet the new girls!!

Charlotte Charades(She likes to be called Lotty):

Walking her "dog" Mimi
Hi! I'm Lotty!
She's even cute from behind lol
Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises:

Hi everyone!!
Turns out it's a good thing I got them both - Rosy and Lotty are twins!!!

We belong together!
So how do Blossom and Bundles like Rosy and Lotty? They are all very happy!!
say cheese!!!
My little lala family!

Highland Lows

Looks like I had several new things to post so I'm gonna have a couple of posts today - there will be at least one more after this!

OK Highland Lows - this is a new Ellowyne Wilde outfit my mom bought for her doll. I don't have her Ellowyne but I do have mine! So my Ell gets to be the model for the outfit :) and she looks good doing it!
I think mom's Ell will look better in this outfit simply because of her red hair.

First we make the full rotation!

Now we do some close ups!
Boots! Very cute :)
Hat - Ell looks great in her close up!

and finally the extra pics of my Ell looking fabulous :D

Cape completely open
Another close up!
Cape draping
Cause I can!

Jess has a new dress

I know it's nowhere near Halloween, but as it turns out Jess has my proclivity to love everything Halloween. I had some left over fabric in my closet and this dress just turned out so cute! I used Kirsten's school dress pattern to make it. Enjoy!
Front :)
Hat! Jess loves this hat!!!