Double the Ghoulish Trouble

Well I got my Ghouls Rule Draculaura and now I got more!! Yes! I got my Ghouls Rule Frankie!! She is sooo cute XD ... and then tonight at Walmart I got quite the surprise... I didn't even know she existed! I can across a Ghouls Rule Abbey!!!!! I guess she's a Walmart exclusive, but really I knew nothing about her. I found her by complete accident at the one Walmart in town I barely go to(since it's all the way across town). Everything I ever saw only told me about the 4 Ghouls Rule dolls(Draculaura, Clawdeen, Frankie and Cleo).. This is a whole set I really wouldn't mind having, except every Cleo from the set I've seen(all 3 of them lol) just looks a little wonky - something is wrong with her hair - otherwise she'd be fantastic and I wouldn't mind adding Cleo #4 to the group... and then of course I've seen(online) the 3 Target Fairy Tale exclusives -  I WANT LITTLE DEAD RIDING WOLF!!!! ...and Snow Bite... I'll even take Threadarella! So many!!! XD

But wait - as I said I found two new girls(I also picked up the CaM monster lab add on packs, but I'll say some more on that later) and I've got the pics to share. GHOULS RULE!!


Front of Boots
Side of Boots - Very Glittery!!
Side of face with lightning
Mask on
Mask she came with
Close up with mask off
And now for Abbey!!!

Side of shoes
Front of shoes - they are see through!!!!!
Close up of outfit - Icicle belt and shoulder poms
are plastic
Mask Abbey came with
Face close up
Eyes have snowflake designs around them!
Blue and Pink hair curled to the side
So glittery!
With Mask on
Peeking behind mask