Oh the agony of de feet! Part 2 of 6 (Barbie Sized)

So onward we plunge into the terrible world of do they fit? and non fitting doll shoes! As I stated before there are 6 categories and here I am onto part 2, Barbie Size. This is a pretty broad category including(but not limited to) Barbie, My Scene barbie( I used them as different since I have so damn many), LIV dolls, Lisa Frank dolls, Monster High, and Bleeding Edge. I might have added a few others if I was so inclined to clamber about in my garage looking for the couple of elusive other dolls out there somewhere. But it's cold, and I'm lazy!

So Barbie is being represented by a wedding Midge doll (not that there aren't a 100 other candidates, but she was closest, and she's from the 80's so this is an earlier body type than Nolee)
I won't run out of shoes!
Barbie shoes are *EVERYWHERE*

My Scene is being represented by Roller Skate Nolee(I've got boatloads of My Scene that would work too, but again - see the comment about going into the garage, she's right next to Midge and therefore easiest to get to)
Yea, yea, under these massive
boots still lurk Barbie feet!

LIV is being represented by Daniela (I have 3 LIV dolls, and two of them are Daniela!) BTW, she's wearing a Moxie Teen dress(the shoes WILL NOT fit these feet)
My feet are flat bitches!
Lisa Frank dolls being represented by Mara(the only one I have)
I seem normal, right?

Bleeding Edge represented by Divinity(she's from series 3 and is currently the only one I own)
You won't believe how small my feet look!
Monster High is being represented by Frankie Stein(I have several, but again another bout of lazy kicks in as her shoes were pretty easy to get off)
My feet are friken HUGE!

So on to the feet and their issues:
I have it laid out like last time, each girls shoes on and one shoe off pose.

Midge: Shoes and one foot out

Nolee: Shoes and one foot out

Daniela: Shoes and one foot out

Mara: Shoes and one foot out(so far the closest to barbie feet, not being a barbie)

Divinity: Shoes and one foot out(her shoes look huge, but her feet are pretty small)

Frankie: Shoes and one foot out(P.S. her feet are so damn big I didn't bother putting anyone of the others shoes on her - THEY DON'T FIT - just look at the size of those damn things!!!

Put your feet up!
Divinity, Nolee, Midge, Daniela, Mara, Frankie

When the shoe is on the other foot:
We'll start off this way, with Draculaura- please don't get your panties in a bunch, I didn't put the other shoes on her - but I've got a nice commentary on Moxie Teenz shoes. They fit MH dolls. I bought an MT outfit on clearance hoping it would fit another doll... turns out it doesn't really fit anyone, I have Daniela wearing it but the velcro is as tight as I can make it... it at least stays up, but the shoes.. oh they fit Draculaura great!!
Moxie Teenz shoes on Draculaura!

Mara Shoe - fits
Daniela Shoe - a little large, but usable
Divinity Shoe - a little tight
Nolee Shoe - perfect
Frankie shoe - fits

Nolee: (comes off with the same exact results as Midge, big surprise, lol)
Frankie shoe

Midge Shoe

Daniela Shoe

Mara Shoe

Divinity Shoe

Daniela: Did I mention I have FLAT FEET?
Mara Shoe - not even

Nolee - Almost? Nah

Midge - this is ridiculous! 

Divintiy shoe - and I thought the others were bad!!!

Frankie shoe - Surprise!! I can't believe it fit

Daniela shoe - fits, a little loose, but workable

Midge shoe - won't fit, Mara's foot is just a bit off

Divinity shoe - foot appears too big

Nolee's shoe - fits, maybe just because it's a boot.. but some
My Scene shoes seem roomier than normal Barbie shoes.

Frankie - surprise! Shoe fits yet another foot

Divinity:(the small footed)
Mara's shoe - a little loose, but workable

Nolee's boot - a little loose but workable
( I think you're gonna hear this phrase 3 more times)

Daniela's shoe - a bit loose

Midge's shoe - a little loose but workable

Frankie's shoe - quite loose. Hooray for Divinity the small footed
She can fit a bunch of shoes!

Conclusion? Well that is Barbie has it EASY, most shoes will fit or at least work with her. Also barbie shoes are quite abundant. Also Monster High shoes have an amazing versatility(or at least a few of the shoes) - they seem to work on many smaller footed dolls. Also Divinity seems to have no trouble getting those shoes on here feet, but some do fall off! Me thinks someone's gonna have to start sharing shoes with others.
Why do I have to share???

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