Ghouls do Rule!

So lately I've been seeing some new Monster High dolls floating around - The girls with roller skates, repackages of the first couple of girls, new Skull Shores girls, the Design Lab... so of course I've been hoping to come across the Ghouls Rule dolls. I've been wanting the Draculaura since the first second I saw the picture! All the girls in the set(Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Cleo) are great looking but that Draculaura... she stole my heart! <3 And of course who should I find today at Target??? Ghouls Rule Draculaura! OMG OMG she's even prettier in person!!! (Ohh the Frankie is cuuute too!! XD I'll try to acquire her next!)

Draculaura is seriously fantastic in my book!

Wing Close Up 
Wings are on a harness on the back
Did I mention that they move? Like on a hinge. Very cool!
They move a pretty wide area too
Back again - with wings close together
Side view of wings close in the front
Front of shoes
Side view of shoes
Close up - sorry she had a bit of dirt on her(the black spot between her eyes)
She also came with a mask
With mask on <3
Couple more awesome photos just beacuse: