Lalaloopsy Tinies!!!

Sew Tiny...Sew Cute!

Yes, the tag line is correct! They are cute cute cute!
I went to Toys R Us today in an attempt to find new Zelfs - they tend to get new stock on Thursday/Friday - and instead I came home with some tiny adorable lalas!

I had the worst time trying to pick one. There were several packages. The large 10 pack, which was $10.99 and a smaller 3 pack for $3.99. The 10 pack has one hidden lala, so it's a surprise!
I bought 1 large and one small pack.

There are also larger house sets too. It's all sew cute!

Large Packs:
Series 1
Series 1
Series 1 - I got this one!
Series 2
Series 2
Series 2

 Jewel's House:

Small Packs:
Series 1
Series 1
Series 2
Series 2
Series 2
Ooops! I didn't take a photo of the small pack I got!
Oh well! Here they are up close!

Contents of my 3 pack:
#110 Coral Sea Shells
#133 Peggy Seven Seas
#157 Blowfish
 Contents of my 10 pack:
Surprise! #123 Swirly Figure Eight
#161 Candy Broomsticks
#151 Sugar Fruit Drops
#105 Lady Stillwaiting
#114 Haley Galaxy
#120 Marina Anchors
#109 Cake Dunk 'n' Crumble
##104 Cat
#134 Unicorn
#162 Bird 
They are cute cute!
They also came with the checklist, Series 1 on one side, series 2 on the other. So here for your checklist pleasure:
Series 1
Series 2