It's Ghouls Alive!!! lol Toys R Us had a sale on MH dolls, buy one get one half off. I figured this was a great time to take advantage of getting me one of those Ghouls Alive dolls since they are $27.99 each. My mother-in-law wanted one for Christmas(she looooooooooooves Spectra!!) so we got her Spectra and I got Frankie! I'll admit though I was pretty bad... I opened Spectra's box so I could take some pictures! I doubt she'd mind though

She's a lot like the original Frankie, but there really are some key differences, not just the glowing and sound effects!
Her shoes - compare to the original below
The original Frankie shoes(Cleo #2 is wearing them at the moment)
Her dress - I believe the white is so you can see the glowing better -
but again, compare to the original below
The original Frankie dress
in this case Ghoulia is wearing it!
Very pretty face!!!
Her head is far more solid than most 
GA Frankie(aka Frankie #5) and Original Frankie
Both are super pretty, but can you spot the difference?
And this is what happens when you leave
the flash on while trying to take a picture
of her glowing!!
She comes with a different stand. In fact I wish they ALL
had THIS stand!
The back of her head where the sound comes out
When nekkid you can see the cutouts of the
ribs so the light comes through better
Face, neck bolts and
rib cage all lit
Side view!
You can also replace the batteries!
It takes 3 button cell batteries,
2 in one leg, one in the other
You can kind of see light from her back too
Lights, the sounds! ... it scares my dog!
and I'm sorry the video is sideways, I forget these things some times

So like I said.. I WAS BAD... and I opened Spectra. I did not, however, remove her from her cardboard... so it's not as detailed as Frankie... but she lights up and makes noise too!
in a box!
and not so much confined!
Glow in the dark...
she has no head! lol
Her outfit is veeeeery close to the original!
Watch those limbs light up!
Speaker in the back of head
I think her eyes are darker than the original!
Same boots pretty much
You can see the light through them!!
Her legs don't bend at the knee!
The lights!!
Also her hands can not be removed!
It is one piece
And it glows!
Kind of hard to tell but the biggest difference with the skirt
 - there are chains printed on the pink part
Compare to the original below 
Original Spectra skirt
GA Spectra and original(Which is the only Spectra I have)
I swear the eyes are darker, but she's quite similar!
But original Spectra doesn't glow!
The lights! The sound!... scares the cats!!
Again - sorry that it's sideways. I can't do anything about it!

CAT! I SWEAR!!!!!!
No really, were you taking pictures?
I had no idea. Seriously, no idea.


...and then came Scaris!

Yesssss!!!!!!!! I finally found them! My precious!!! I've been trying to track down these Scaris dolls for awhile now and after constantly being 10 minutes behind everyone else buying them to sell on eBay(seriously I saw some of them listed for upwards of $500) I finally got my dolls! Two weeks of checking Walmart at 2am and finally I hit the jackpot!! Yay!!!!!!! I got 3 dolls out of the 5 in the set, Jinafire Long, Skelita Calaveras, and Rochelle Goyle! Yay yay yay yay!

I'm gonna start with Rochelle - she's my second Rochelle and I think she's quite different than the first. The pink of her hair seems lighter and her eyes are bigger!

Scaris Rochelle and her luggage
It opens!!
I love her dress!!!!
Her shoes are FANTASTIC!!!!
Her hat is attached to her head
Very cute though!
Rochelle 2 and Rochelle 1
Spot the difference!!
Up close - and they look great!!

Then there is Skelita
 She is 1 of 2 brand new dolls. She's the daughter of Los Eskeletos. She's a beautiful Dia de los Muertos girl.

Without skirt
Luggage open!
Her shoes
Face close up
Side of face, it's the same on the other side
of her face as well
Her skeletal hand... got smooshed!!
Dang you rubber bands!!!
Her clothes
 And *here* it gets more interesting!!
Her body is a skeleton!!!
You must put this plastic piece on so she can wear clothes normal like
Plastic body cover
Fully skeleton!
....not really....
Close up skeletal front
Skeletal back
The stand really won't
hold her like this
All bones!!
I know I'm awesome!

 And then saving the best for last -
Jinafire Long! Daughter of the Chinese Dragon
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh She'ssoprettyohmygodIcan'tbelieveIfoundher!!!!!

Jinafire with her luggage
Top of her hair
She's scaly!!
So pretty!!
Shoes close up
Back clearer
And you can rotate her tail
It also comes off!
Face close up!
It's 2 pieces
Dragon hands!
Body front - very cool
Body back
all those scales!
The hole is for her tail
With her tail in
Side shot close up
She's so golden
Pretty pretty!
and goodnight!!
Also I think I'd just like to note that somehow my cat knows when I'm going to be taking these pictures because every time he ends up in them!!! He's such a butt!

Oh I'm sorry - were you taking pictures?