Oh the agony of de feet! Part 6 of 6 (The leftovers)

SO in conclusion - it really sucks that more dolls can't share shoes. These lucky few are the leftovers. I have several of these dolls in a series (LAD, and Disney dolls, but really their feet fit nowhere)

Little Apple Dolls - represented by Men-chan. I managed to dig out her real clothes for this. I have over 20 LAD's and sure they can wear each other's stuff... That's the point right?
Men-chan *will* eat your soul.
Please don't piss her off.

Disney Little Princess Dolls - Represented by Tinkerbell. I have several of the little princesses stowed away in my closet, but Tink was closest to grab.
I'm not sure, but Tink might eat your soul too
Lastly - Lalaloopsy. I only have Blossom - and I painted her bangs green. It looks better. Really.
So cute she can't stand.. it
And the feet of the forgotten:
Blossom: What works with those???

Men-chan: Even the shoes are evil! Took 20 minutes to get them off again!!


I only tried this once - It's not like any of the others would come close to fitting!
Men-chan wearing Tink's shoe... it will never stay on

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