Size Comparison Part Deux!

Happy Birthmas to me!! Mom got me Delilah Noir! <3 Awesome awesome!

So I got Once Bitten, Twice Shy Delilah:
So here are the two views of Delilah (never mind the cat or Ellowyne's arm in the background)

She seriously looks like 2 different dolls!!!!
Now as far as the size comparison - I was sizing her next to Ellowyne and Gene. P.S. Ellowyne looks AMAZING in Delilah's clothes!!! Honestly I think it's impossible to take a bad pic of El.

So Delilah and Gene: (Gene yellowed and I have no idea what to do!!)
Delilah is much wider than Gene - she has some crazy hips!!

Then there's Delilah and Ellowyne: (Seriously much closer in body size)

 El and Delilah - then reversed the clothing! So cute!

 El fits Delilah's clothes great!
 ::Proving El never takes a bad picture!::

Yes I know the cat thinks he needs in every picture!

El, Delilah, and Gene

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