Monster High Spree - Create a Monsters

Well after waiting forever to get a new Monster High doll, they put a whole bunch of new Create a Monster kits! There's the blob girl and ice girl two pack, the gorgon and mummy two pack, and also two separate add-ons - the harpy and siren. So you guessed it - I got them all!!! They are pretty nice. I looooove the harpy and siren, they are so different than anything I have. Of course they didn't come with their own bodies(being add-ons) so I have them on two other bodies. The harpy is rocking the dragon body from an earlier set and I believe I slapped  o the werewolf body for the siren.

So of course my full picture show:

Blob girl:

Fully together blob girl
Only pair of shoes in the set with her and ice girl
Separate pieces
Close up of face. She's a very glittery doll
The hair is a rubber piece
It's snug so no pin to hold in place
The blobby back
The arm has 'goo' dripping off lol
Glittery body
Ice Girl:
She's quite fascinating really
Ice Girl - she's wearing Frankie's shoes
Face close up
All the pieces separate
Body is see through!
Blue and pink wig
Legs are different coloring than the body
The more 'ice' looking parts
See how it snaps together!
Inner workings
You can see the difference in the legs and body
The hand was broken - have to be careful not to pop the pin.

The mummy!
The only shoes in the Mummy/Gorgon set
Face close up. Love the eyes!!
All the separate mummy pieces
Purple wig
Back of body - all bandaged
Front of body - all bandaged

Close up of her snaky face
All the pieces separate - except the shoes, those came with the
3 eyed monster add-on
Snake body front
Snake body - back
Rubber snake hair
Again no need of a pin to hold it in place
This head has no ears!
Full snake body

The tail moves so she can stand on her own
She's go cool ears :)
Face close up
Separate sire pieces.
I had no idea she came with TWO belts!
The inside of the tail
Webbed hands and finned arms
Blue and yellow wig
How the body looks placed in the tail
*Sorry about the blurry quality*
Can you spot the difference?

I can fly!
They are cool
Her legs are pretty cool!
Although all the close up shots were super blurry
you can see her feet aren't normal.
Separate harpy pieces
Black and red wig
The wing arms! These are pretty impressive. Although, they feel a bit heavy
She doesn't seem to like keeping her arm held up.
Could just be my doll... Still love it though!