Swamp Thing!

I got Honey Swamp! Yes, that's right - daughter of the Honey Island Swamp Monster. She's adorable and her hair is unmanageable! There really isn't another monster like her. Actually I think I can say with ease, I have no other dolls with hair like that! I also really love the texturing on her.

Honey Swamp
Back view
Dress & belt
Textured legs
More shoe view
Very cool, looks like dragon faces
Close up of her face 
Back of just her hair
The curls are bouncy and long
Webbed hands, pearl bracelet & pearl earrings
Textured legs
Textured body
Arm texture
Side view of body textures
Back texturing
Body texture (no flash photo)
Leg textures (no flash photo)
Arm & body side textures (no flash photo)