Oh my an update? New Lagoona? Nice

Oh wow it's been some time since I brought anyone new home and I've been antsy to purchase SOMEONE - (and really at this point it almost didn't matter who) but the stores have been getting the dance class set and I've been wanting that Lagoona pretty bad. So I ran over to Target yesterday and brought her home! I also got an extra outfit XD  I love it, love it!  I also bought an extra outfit for Operetta - I'll try to get pics one day...

So dance class Lagoona - or now christened Lagoona 3 - has been added. I really wish they came with stands - I ran out of stands awhile ago.....

The pieces of the outfit
From the front
Side View
Just the leotard
Close-up. I love the pattern!
Ballet shoes
Side view of shoe
Purse that came with her
Pose 1
Pose 2
 I really like her hair. My Lagoona 1 has such super curly hair and you really can't do ANYTHING to it. Also I have a special place for Lagoona, she was the VERY FIRST Monster High doll I bought!

Close-up of her pretty face.
Though there are some oddities with this doll.... I picked this particular one because I liked her face the most. It was just so pretty to me... and as much as I like the texture of her hair, they certainly got lazy with her scalp!
There's a big jagged tear in her scalp... and they got
really stingy with hair - big bald chunks, but it looks
fine when laying flat.
Also another oddity(But it makes her special!) her forearm and the rest of her body are different colors!! This IS NOT a shadow from the camera, her forearms and hands are quite BLUE compared to the grey of the rest of her!
Front - notice the color difference?
and again!
That aside, I still really like her. Also, she was cheap so I'm not going to complain too much.

Oh right!
 I also mentioned I bought a second outfit. Also it's a Lagoona outfit. First extra outfit I've bought for Lagoona.
Front of the outfit
Side view
Back view
The shoes are cool!
and see through!
They have bows! :D
Close up of dress
So cute!
Bag with the outfit
Full outfit
Looks good eh? As I was changing Lagoona's outfit I just set her to the side but the pose she had looked so cool I had to snap a picture
Somehow makes me think of
The Little Mermaid gaining legs... 
Serenely waiting....