Haunted - River Styx

I got the new Haunted Monster High Dolls!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

There are four dolls in the set, but I didn't get the boy - only the three BRAND NEW CHARARCTERS that are girls.
River Styxx - Daughter of the Grim Reaper
Vandala Doubloons - Daughter of a Ghost Pirate
Kiyomi Haunterly - A Noppera-bō (Japanese Faceless Ghost)

River with her hood up
River is pretty cool - I'm starting with her.

River in her box
Awesome stand for
Haunted dolls
Side of head - no ears!
Cotton Candy colored hair!
Front of belt
Chained bow on back of belt
You can see her bones under her skin!
In her arms and legs
Side view of leg & bone
Front view of leg & bone
Boot without chains
Boot back
Wraparound chains that go around boots
River in b&w
River Styxx
Looks like she's floating!
She's tiny - the same size as Twyla


Tiny Lala Overflow!

I finally got the last two 10 packs of the Lalaloopsy Tinies!!
Can't knock a buy one get one 40% off sale!!
Now I have all the 10 packs, both Walmart and Target exclusive tinies and 2 of the three packs. Somehow I still need more.... lol

So without further ado - the last Series 1 and Series 2 10 packs in my collection!

Series 1:

#106 - Ember Flicker Flame
#119 - Blowfish
#125 - Zebra
#136 - Fancy Frost 'n' Glaze
#142 - Puppy
#144 - Spot Splatter Splash
#148 - Snowy Fairest
#155 - Ocean Seabreeze
#160 - Cotton Hoppalong
#135 - Prairie Dusty Trails
Series 2:
#201 - Pix E Flutters
#205 - Pillow Featherbed
#212 - Monkey
#222 - Bubbles Smack 'n' Pop
#232 - Alice in Lalaloopsy Land
#244 - Mint E Stripes
#249 - Pig
#250 - Confetti Carnivale
#255 - Cat
#243 - Pepper Pots 'n' Pans
I also got a 3 pack - 
#235 - Little Bah Peep
#230 - Sheep
#259 - Sheep


Sweet Screams Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia Yelps
**My favorite one of the Sweet Screams Collection**
In box
Back of box
Opened box
Face close up
Glasses & earring
Crazy tiara
Glove hand & bracelets
Front of shoes
Seriously cool shoes
Her arm is in such an unnatural position -
Good thing she's a zombie!
Sweet Screams Sir Hoots a Lot