Shining, Gleaming, Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen... wigs

So I found this website that has a tutorial on how to make doll wigs - Antique Lilac
I am quite happy because this means I can make some wigs for my dolls - only problem? I can't crochet. Oh I've tried, but I can't seem to understand the mechanics of it! lol So I cam up with a second solution - get my mother-in-law to crochet it! Seems to work :) I got her to crochet the wig cap(in which took her all of 5 minutes to make!) and I bought some wigs on sale after Halloween. Once I got around to it I found I can make some pretty nice wigs for Mina. Now I need to get my mom-in-law to make a few more caps(I only had 2, didn't want to overdo it just in cast I sucked at it.) since I made both wigs.

This is the first wig: The original wig was a bit mangled, but I managed to work it out pretty well. As long as it's tied it seems to work well. The wig cap was white, but it doesn't show through so no worries.

Now the second wig is a dream come true! Since I had done the first wig, I knew what to do a little different and mostly how to get it to sit better. I rushed a little with the first one and was afraid to trim it in spots, but this one - not so much. I love, love, love it!

Mina loves having her Marina with her

Kyo had to watch


A lot of hair!


Oh the agony of de feet! Part 6 of 6 (The leftovers)

SO in conclusion - it really sucks that more dolls can't share shoes. These lucky few are the leftovers. I have several of these dolls in a series (LAD, and Disney dolls, but really their feet fit nowhere)

Little Apple Dolls - represented by Men-chan. I managed to dig out her real clothes for this. I have over 20 LAD's and sure they can wear each other's stuff... That's the point right?
Men-chan *will* eat your soul.
Please don't piss her off.

Disney Little Princess Dolls - Represented by Tinkerbell. I have several of the little princesses stowed away in my closet, but Tink was closest to grab.
I'm not sure, but Tink might eat your soul too
Lastly - Lalaloopsy. I only have Blossom - and I painted her bangs green. It looks better. Really.
So cute she can't stand.. it
And the feet of the forgotten:
Blossom: What works with those???

Men-chan: Even the shoes are evil! Took 20 minutes to get them off again!!


I only tried this once - It's not like any of the others would come close to fitting!
Men-chan wearing Tink's shoe... it will never stay on

Oh the agony of de feet! Part 5 of 6 (the No feet feet)

What the hell are the No feet feet you ask? Bratz. Moxie Girlz. I currently own 4 Bratz and 2 Moxie Girlz. 3 of the 4 Bratz dolls I have will never ever get out of their boxes. They are all the special edition Tokyo Bratz, they wear kimonos and were hunted down with a vengeance! I had to have them even though my thoughts on Bratz are more of the ... they look like a bunch of whores... variety

Well I must report that there is dissension in the ranks of the no feeted. Neither will fit the others shoe feet. Moxie is a little small and Bratz a little large.

BTW, I love the fact that most of the Bratz clothes fit Monster High dolls!!



And the foot problems?

Won't click- too big, and too loose to stay put 

Maybe they are sworn enemies??

Oh the agony of de feet! Part 4 of 6 (Fashion doll)

Well this is the closest to dollie hell you'll get. There are so many companies making 16" fashion dolls and then I include the BJD into this category... Who's shoes fit who? Good luck with that!!!!!!

Here are the girls in the running:

Ellowyne Wilde(I have A Case of the Blues) Mind you my El came nude and that means I have no real Ellowyne shoes to give comparison. Though I can try others on her!

Delilah Noir(Once Bitten, Twice Shy) - I also remind you, Delilah has two sets of feet, Flat and Heeled

Gene Marshall(basic Gene)

MSD(a ball-jointed doll, I am using my Angel of Dream Lan, also named Wilhelmina Delacroix as the model. Juste(Angel Region) is the same size MSD...maybe an inch shorter than Mina, but same foot size)
BTW, I also made the wig Mina is wearing.. I'm sure I'll get to that in another post someday.

And the feet that don't work...or do they?:
This is such a mess mind you!
Ellowyne: She has no shoes of her own

Delilah: Flat then heeled

Gene: Wearing stockings so a little hard to see - I wish I had one of Mom's other Tonner dolls to compare with.

Mina: By far the biggest feet of the bunch

So who fits what? The rundown:
Quite a difference!
Mina, Delilah flat, Delilah heeled, Ellowyne, Gene

Ellowyne: I must mention, El seems to have 1 wonky foot!
Delilah's Vampire shoe - fits pretty well
 You can see the boot "fits" but she can't really stand in them, she must have her doll stand to wear these -
her foot is permanently heeled and the boots are for flat foot.

Now onto the wonky foot! El is here wearing Gene's shoes. The first pic might give the impression the shoe fits but because her leg is up it's coming off... but it's not so much the case! The one foot actually has no trouble wearing the shoe... the other foot... It just doesn't work. BTW, Mom has confirmed the same issue with her Ellowyne

Delilah: 2 feet!! Pop on, pop off... I didn't bother trying both feet with Gene's shoes, flat feet obviously won't work.
With Gene's shoes.. lol DO NOT fit
Good lord Mina has huge feet!
Delilah's Vampire shoes, a bit loose but would work as long
as she stays on her doll stand

Delilah's flat foot boots - Waaaaaaaay too loose

Mina: Feet so big I laugh at the other shoes
Delilah's boot -- almost?? Mina's toes were touching the front!

Gene.... not even close lol!!!

Delilah and Ellowyne are quite close. I feel confident they can easily wear the other's items.. At least El has no issue wearing Delilahs stuff, wonky foot and all.
Delilah,El, Delilah

I told you so! Delilah's clothes are mine!!!