Zodiac Girlz

So I finally dug my Zodiac Girlz out to do a second blue-haired photo shoot and decided to get pics of all of the and make a post.

I bought every one of the dolls many years ago when the only KB Toys in Colorado Springs went out of business at the Chapel Hills Mall. We bought a lot of stuff when they went out of business. I bought 13 of these dolls, 2 of Gemini so I could have the twins be actual twins. Gemini actually has reversible clothes, but well - how could I not want her to have an actual twin?

I'm not certain that these dolls are even made anymore, but I love them. They are unique and interesting - from all walks of life. They are just awesome to me.

They did come with some other accessories, but I have those somewhere else so... sorry no photos.

Booklet with Zodiac
The Girls:
Aquarius comes with a wheelchair!
In her chair
She has a head tie like Aquarius
but I couldn't find it...
Gemini Twins
Unfortunately, my Libra's hat has left a stain on her head :(
That's my sign! :D
She's quite beautiful
She's a beauty too
Sorry it's blurry - glasses off
The adorable comb they all come with