I survived my gallbladder surgery! Tina and I were supposed to go out looking for gift cards for a few weeks but surgery and weather had prevented our outings. Finally we were able to go shopping yesterday.
So yesterday Tina and I did something bad - we found a new doll! We were at Target looking for her Lalaloopsy dolls in the Easter section(hoping to find the mini in another color) when I said something terrible about the toy in the bin next to it: "I'm curious about this doll." There's this picture on the top showing two faces, so pretty much I assume that all she does is turn her head around and reveal a second face. Well that she(or he) does...
The jerk that started it all
Face turned around
So we find the face turns around and we squeal and look at each other knowing we will just *HAVE* to get more. So we go to Target #2 and pick up the next doll. We also had to see if Target carried more than just what was in the Easter section. (Didn't find anything yet at Target.) But as we get our second dolls into the car we discover more. As I pulled Chibimen-chan(that's what I named her for this incident lol) from her package - her head popped right off! So hmmm we think - I like your doll's head better - and we switched heads! So off we go and we sat there thinking well there's still 4 more....(There's 8 in the set, but we each got 2 different ones) ... crap! We have to see what Target #3 might have! Also while we're at it we may as well just buy the last ones!
I have almost everyone in the top row,
just switch the blond on bottom
for the orange haired one on top.
Tina has the other 4 :)
Plus you can store the accessories in the head!
::Shakes head:: what have we done?? So off we go to my house to finally play with our head/wig switching dolls. As we're playing Tina learns something new. Sure the wigs come off... sure the head comes off(and has 2 faces)  but it doesn't stop there! They come apart!! Hair, head, body.. all separate and you can mix and match with other pinypon dolls!

Hair swap!
Coming apart!

So today I get the text that we should have looked at Toys R Us(and we had *just* been at TRU yesterday! Hell! We'd been in the aisle with them looking at lala dolls and littlest pets!!)
So I went to do some recon, seeing what they had in. I want!!
Mermaid Pinypon: $4.99 each
Purple Mermaid
Pink Mermaid - I want her!!!
Flowery Pinypon -  They smell like flowers: $4.99 each (The blue haired one also followed me home... sooo cute!)
She's mine!!!

Sweetheart sets: $5.99 each

Flower bag: $6.99 each
I like her :)

Travellers sets: $9.99 each
New York
Doll case - 4 dolls and 2 pets: $12.99

Apartment: $19.99

Hotel: $24.99
Close up of doll from Hotel
Caravan: Also $24.99

Pinypon Cars: $7.99 each

Also on the back of one of the boxes it shows a set I couldn't find but I want!! The red haired girl is too cute!!!!

That's all I found lol - sitting right next to the My Little Ponies.

Side note: The reason I named the one girl Chibimen-chan(look at the pic of all 8 pinypon and the girl with purple hair on the top is the one I'm talking about) - I told you her head popped right off as I was taking her from the package - Well a few years ago I got a Little Apple Doll named Mentis, as I opened Mentis' box I found her head wasn't on her body at all but in the floor of the box! Hence the cute Chibimen-chan getting her name for her head popping antics!