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Just an FYI -  I finally got Viperine, Elissabat, & the Headless Headmistress. I still need to update with Scarah Screams and more zelfs as well. I'm also planning a whole post on my Little Apple Dolls :)
Please stay tuned for these updates!


Boxed in again

So I finally got around to getting photos of the Threadarella and Cat Tastrophe dolls. I'm leaving them in the boxes like the others in their sets. All three Scary Tales are in the box still and so are the Power Ghouls I have.

Power Ghoul Cat Tastrophe:
In box
Back of box
Hands and bracelet
Shoe side
Shoe front
Suit goes into boots
Suit and belt
Logo on suit
You can see her hair is striped

Story book:

Scary Tales Threadarella:
In box
Back of box
Open box
Spool purse
Shoes -  AWESOME
Front of shoes
Face close up, tiara and curly hair
Earring :)
 Story book: