Today's Creation

Renaissance Costume!
Samantha looks good in green!
Fit for an American Girl Doll :)
I was asked by my mother-in-law to make a few dresses for a little girl she knows. The girl has a bunch of American Girl dolls and I decided why not? It's what I do after all!

I made this dress from a green tablecloth and silver & black brocade. Accented it with some silvery ribbon... I'm terrible with the ribbon around the sleeves. I had to zigzag it on and some parts slipped. I know it looks ugly... I'm thinking perhaps adding a second layer of ribbon? We'll see...
I cut out the pattern last night - the bodice was made from the Disney princess doll pattern, but the skirt was just a rectangle with a train, I just kind of cut on instinct. I added a chunk of the brocade to the skirt for some additional color. The sleeves though - I had to look at my Renaissance fair dress to see the shape of the sleeve and cut it like that. Seems to work! The bodice is lined with the green. I also added a length of cord in the front. Again - just for flair. 

Front and back views:
The back is closed with Velcro. I use sew in Velcro for all my AG outfits(only exception is Victorian skirts and parts of the Hanfu outfits.)

Side back view. You can see the skirt has a small train. I think it just looks very pretty!
Hard to tell it was once a tablecloth!


MSD Designs

I've done very little experimenting on my MSD clothes. I've only made a couple of things and I wonder if it's just because I can't get inspired to make stuff for Mina & Juste.

Juste actually came with a full outfit. Only 1. Clothes for my BJD are so expensive and especially the ones I like. I have gone and bought a couple of wigs and a set of shoes for Mina. When I bought Mina she came in a purple fur wig and a set of undies so I felt very compelled to make her something to wear. What I hadn't thought of was just how big of a bust Mina had. I admit I really miscalculated! I went ahead and pieced something together. I had just got her and had no patterns that I could use so I think it turned out pretty well!

Wilhelmina DeLacroix
It's a two piece skirt and bodice. If it weren't for the chunk of lace in the front she'd be flashing everyone!
Nice front and back view.

Then I moved onto a second gold dress for Mina. I used a pattern I made for the AG dolls and made a smaller, less intricate dress. Even still I thought it turned out all right.

I just love love love how these dolls can move!


Mina isn't the only one who got clothes! Juste had a few pairs of pants made.
I had some pink plaid left over from making a canopy top for a friends bed and I thought it would be cute to make some pants for Juste. I also went ahead and made a tie to go with it. I think it looks sort of like a school uniform.

Pink Plaid
Justis DeLacroix
After the pink pants I decided to spice it up a bit - and using fabric I got at Goodwill - made another pair of pants. This time a bit more elaborate! Also skulls!

Made a tie with this one too! I thought it was soo cute :D

Then I figured hey - maybe I could make a vest or jacket! - Also with skulls!
The shirt and shorts were what Juste arrived in
PS - It's reversible!
Last note:
I really love the green wig - but I think Mina looks better in it!! At the moment Juste is wearing his original wig - it's grey. Mina is currently wearing the black wig :)


Speaking of Kimono...

Black Kimono
Kimono is Mentis' favorite thing to wear. You met Mentis earlier - she was wearing an Envy(Full Metal Alchemist) outfit. At the moment Men-chan owns 7 Kimono. (I've sold 2 others, $20 each)
I think this is one of the easiest patterns I have ever made. Also it is the easiest for me to alter into a larger or skinnier size.
The Kimono I make is made of brocade and lined with satin. I've made several juban to go under the Kimono and the Obi(belt) is completely tied. It's about 2ft long when unraveled. I know it's not a completely accurate pattern, but for a doll I don't think it really matters. I just love how they look, and brocade is such beautiful fabric! The black and red kimono in the picture is Men-chan's favorite one to wear.
Mentis modeling Kimono:
Red & Black:

Black KimonoBlack Kimono


Green KimonoGreen Kimono 

Blue(This is probably my second favorite one): 

Blue KimonoBlue Kimono 

Red & Gold:

Red Kimono 


Purple KimonoPurple Kimono 
This was one of the very first Kimono I made for Mentis. You can tell by the horrible stitching around the collar. I have gotten a lot better at doing this - I'm not prefect, but I've certainly improved!

Christmas Kimono:

Xmas Kimono [SOLD]Xmas Kimono [SOLD] 
This was the first Kimono I sold :) I really loved the fabric!

Then there is the Pink one...

Pink Kimono
I found that Mentis really didn't look great in pink. I don't think she liked it very much since she only wore it once to model it. This is how I discovered that the Disney little princess dolls would fit in the Kimono. Currently Mulan is wearing the pink Kimono(and has been for over a year!) At least someone liked it!

Pink Kimono 

I just think Mentis pulls off wearing Kimono best of all, and to date, I have only ever made 1 Kimono for an American Girl doll - and I sold it($25)!
Kimono Red [SOLD]Kimono Red [SOLD]
The woman who bought it was nice enough to send me a picture of her doll(Julie) enjoying the Komono:
Kimono Red [SOLD] 

I have also made a single Yukata for Juste:
He enjoys wearing it in the summer when it's very hot.

Hey Barbie

I really haven't made a lot of barbie clothes, being as I have so many pre-made. Barbie is certainly the easiest and cheapest doll to get clothes for. Also since I have collected so many My Scene Barbies(current count is over 200 dolls) - I have tubs of clothing. I did however dabble in making kimono for barbie:
I liked how they came out, but I still preferred to make the patterns for a bigger doll. Turns out that Mentis was my favorite size for kimono. Barbie was a little too small.
I also tried my hand at OOAK dolls. Needless to say I only ended up making one.
Butterfly PrincessButterfly Princess She's my butterfly princess :)

Size comparison

It's so hard to find clothes for some dolls. I was recently given a Card Captor Sakura doll by my mother-in-law(she found it at the Goodwill!) and to my surprise her clothes fit Monster High!
Sakura and Gloom Beach Cleo
Despite the obvious size difference in the Sakura and MH dolls, Sakura's body is thin enough to let the MH dolls wear her clothes. Cleo is currently wearing Sakura's school uniform. Of course shoes are going to be the only thing that none of my dolls can share unless they are the same brand of doll! Also at the moment Sakura is wearing a dress that belongs to one of my Zodiac Girlz dolls -also fits Cleo quite well.

Speaking of comparisons ...
We've got a few more! In the pic before you is Mina(sans wig), and 2 wicked witches. The one on the left is the Wilde Imagination Witch and the one on the right is Tonner. (Yes, I know Tonner technically does both dolls, it's just a difference in sculpt) While Mina looks to be the same size, she is in fact, bigger. She's on the floor a good 4 inches down from the 2 on the box. Mina is close in size to the Wilde Imagination witch, but she is far bustier! The Witch's dress Mina has on does not button completely in the back.

Please Say "Hi"... 12in Fashion Dolls

OK so they might not be exactly 12in dolls - but this is for the Barbie, Monster High and all the dolls fitting under the barbie size category. MH are smaller body than Barbie - closer to Bratz size, but taller. LIV dolls have the same body size as Barbie(which I love! Don't have to buy extra clothes!) My favorite feature of LIV dolls are definitely the wigs! I just love that feature - it reminds me of my BJD.

Please Say "Hi"... 16in Fashion Dolls

Since I don't actually OWN my own Ellowyne, Gene or Tonner doll - I'm grouping them in the 16in category. I make the clothes because my mom owns these dolls. I rather like Ellowyne - Maybe I'll get my own one day.. or perhaps one day bring home a Delilah

Please Say "Hi"... LAD

LAD or Little Apple Dolls

I have 22 different LAD... and 2 of Mentis(above). She is certainly one of my favorite dolls. A lot of people are very creeped out by her appearance, but she's absolutely lovely! She's one of my shorter dolls, standing around 12 inches. She's as big around as Juste. She's almost comparable to Ellowyne Wilde also. Ellowyne is just a little skinnier.
LAD don't really have a lot of flexibility. They only move at the hip and shoulder joints like AG or Alissa.
Also it's funny to note - I make mostly kimono for Mentis here, but the same kimono fit...

yea - Disney little princess dolls!

Please Say "Hi"... BJD

Asian BJD - or Asian Ball Jointed Dolls
I have 2 dolls, Mina and Juste. Juste is my only boy. I'm sure he feels a little out of place surrounded by all the girls! Maybe that's why he has no problem wearing dresses....

The 2 BJD I own are both 1/4 MSD. They are both about 44cm(around 18in tall). BJD are super hard to classify for one pattern. Not all 1/4 will fit the same clothes. Some are quite busty(like Mina!) and some are super flat. It seems every pattern has to be tweaked for BJD!

Please Say "Hi"... Princess Alissa

Princess Alissa

Alissa is a Stardust Classic. I also own Laurel the Wood Fairy from the set. She's the same size as a Carpatina doll (I do have Carpatina's Ana Ming also.) These dolls are 18in tall, slim body dolls. Almost the size of  AG dolls, but they have hard plastic bodies, making them slimmer than the stuffed AG dolls. 

Please Say "Hi"... American Girl

American Girl Dolls

I currently own 4 AG dolls. Samantha, Tempe(was Felicity), Elizabeth and Jess(GOTY)

These dolls are 18in tall. I have certainly made the most clothes for them. I like making anime inspired outfits for them as well :)


Welcome to Jupiter's Closet!
I like to make clothing for dolls. Here you will find many of the outfits I like to make. I collect dolls so I have many different sizes of clothing. My favorite is the American Girl dolls - being the biggest dolls I own, they are certainly the easiest for me to make clothes for! First up I will introduce you to all the doll types I own. TYPES - not dolls! I have way too many dolls to introduce them all!