Fabric dolls and Stuffed Animals


So I also make dolls and some stuffed animals. My mom made me a doll when I was a kid and now I make them with a more goth theme. I think they turn out so cute! They have cloth bodies and yarn hair. The skirts are usually removable. I also draw the face on and then go over it in cross stitch floss and use a marker to color in the lips and eyes.

First up is Vivenne: She's a witch doll I made for Halloween

Then there's Violet and Momo:
Violet in purple and Momo in pink
Violet [SOLD]
Momo [SOLD]Momo [SOLD]
These two have a little sad history. I made them for a friend of mine and then one day I found them at the Goodwill. :( I promptly bought them back and Momo now lives with my bff and Violet is with me, Vivenne and Callisto... and a giraffe.  I wish she would have just given them back to me if she didn't want them anymore.

Then there's Poe:
Poe was made for a friend of a friend.

Poe [SOLD]
Poe [SOLD]
Up close of shoes:
Poe [SOLD]

Hina was made for my niece a few years ago.

Hina [SOLD]
I tried to tie her hair up. It was cute :)
Hina [SOLD]Hina [SOLD]
Underskirt and shoes close up
Hina [SOLD]Hina [SOLD]

Then came my most adorable and only cat-girl Callisto!


Back of her hair


Yes she has paws!!!!

So one year for Christmas I decided to make everyone a stuffed animal. Sadly I didn't really take pictures of the animals I made. I got one of the dog I made for my BFF :)

Stuffed Dog
Then I decided I could modify the pattern a little and it came. The Giraffe Invasion!!!
I made several giraffes! I made it originally because my BFF loves giraffes and I thought it would be cute. I was right!
I made the yellow one first. I had to make sure it would work. Then I made its twin the orange one!
These are very happy giraffes! Never mind that the yellow one lives in a closet. It has many friends!

Giraffe Hugs
Giraffe Fight 2Giraffes

Up close to Yeller:

So cute!!! The white triangle was an accident but it's so cute!!!!
Giraffe1 Head
Giraffe1Giraffe1 Back

Up close of his 'hoof' - same orange the other one is made from, and the other one has this yellow fabric as his 'hoof'
Giraffe1 Foot

I gave him bigger tufts on his head. It's cute! XD
Giraffe2Giraffe2 Back

Up close 'hoofs'
Giraffe2 Foot

I was paid to make this Pink & Orange giraffe for a friend of a friend. She really liked it :)
The fabric has the same pattern as the orange and yellow ones, but it was far pinker than the picture makes it look.
Pink/Orange GiraffePink/Orange Giraffe Back

Cutest giraffe pose EVER!!!
Pink/Orange Giraffe

Giraffiest Giraffe:
I was also paid for this giraffe ($20!). When I went to mail the pink giraffe the lady at the post office that was behind the counter helping me wanted me to make one for her daughter! So I made it :)

Giraffe Head
Giraffe FrontGiraffe Back

Hoof up close. I used a little suede fabric that I had left over from something else.
Giraffe Foot

Thus concludes the giraffe invasion.... for now.