Size comparison

It's so hard to find clothes for some dolls. I was recently given a Card Captor Sakura doll by my mother-in-law(she found it at the Goodwill!) and to my surprise her clothes fit Monster High!
Sakura and Gloom Beach Cleo
Despite the obvious size difference in the Sakura and MH dolls, Sakura's body is thin enough to let the MH dolls wear her clothes. Cleo is currently wearing Sakura's school uniform. Of course shoes are going to be the only thing that none of my dolls can share unless they are the same brand of doll! Also at the moment Sakura is wearing a dress that belongs to one of my Zodiac Girlz dolls -also fits Cleo quite well.

Speaking of comparisons ...
We've got a few more! In the pic before you is Mina(sans wig), and 2 wicked witches. The one on the left is the Wilde Imagination Witch and the one on the right is Tonner. (Yes, I know Tonner technically does both dolls, it's just a difference in sculpt) While Mina looks to be the same size, she is in fact, bigger. She's on the floor a good 4 inches down from the 2 on the box. Mina is close in size to the Wilde Imagination witch, but she is far bustier! The Witch's dress Mina has on does not button completely in the back.

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