Speaking of Kimono...

Black Kimono
Kimono is Mentis' favorite thing to wear. You met Mentis earlier - she was wearing an Envy(Full Metal Alchemist) outfit. At the moment Men-chan owns 7 Kimono. (I've sold 2 others, $20 each)
I think this is one of the easiest patterns I have ever made. Also it is the easiest for me to alter into a larger or skinnier size.
The Kimono I make is made of brocade and lined with satin. I've made several juban to go under the Kimono and the Obi(belt) is completely tied. It's about 2ft long when unraveled. I know it's not a completely accurate pattern, but for a doll I don't think it really matters. I just love how they look, and brocade is such beautiful fabric! The black and red kimono in the picture is Men-chan's favorite one to wear.
Mentis modeling Kimono:
Red & Black:

Black KimonoBlack Kimono


Green KimonoGreen Kimono 

Blue(This is probably my second favorite one): 

Blue KimonoBlue Kimono 

Red & Gold:

Red Kimono 


Purple KimonoPurple Kimono 
This was one of the very first Kimono I made for Mentis. You can tell by the horrible stitching around the collar. I have gotten a lot better at doing this - I'm not prefect, but I've certainly improved!

Christmas Kimono:

Xmas Kimono [SOLD]Xmas Kimono [SOLD] 
This was the first Kimono I sold :) I really loved the fabric!

Then there is the Pink one...

Pink Kimono
I found that Mentis really didn't look great in pink. I don't think she liked it very much since she only wore it once to model it. This is how I discovered that the Disney little princess dolls would fit in the Kimono. Currently Mulan is wearing the pink Kimono(and has been for over a year!) At least someone liked it!

Pink Kimono 

I just think Mentis pulls off wearing Kimono best of all, and to date, I have only ever made 1 Kimono for an American Girl doll - and I sold it($25)!
Kimono Red [SOLD]Kimono Red [SOLD]
The woman who bought it was nice enough to send me a picture of her doll(Julie) enjoying the Komono:
Kimono Red [SOLD] 

I have also made a single Yukata for Juste:
He enjoys wearing it in the summer when it's very hot.


  1. Your kimono look so beautiful! I want to make one for my girls... except one would have to be pink with cupcakes (so a yukata) for my Maya when I get her.

  2. Pink with cupcakes would be so cute!!

  3. Have you or would you make a Kimono for a 23" My Twinn dol?