Sooo.... new Monster High Girls

As I've been waiting to get me some Scaris dolls my birthday came and went. My mother-in-law generously gave me $20. I wasn't sure what to get, and really I've been waffling as to whether or not to buy the Dance Class Lagoona... I really wanted her too, but Big Lots had none left. So still I didn't know what to get, and I came across the Roller Maze Ghoulia on sale for $10... well I thought why not? She's cute, I only have 1 Ghoulia, and really I love her hair so I bought her! She's very pretty.

So here's Ghoulia 2!

Her brain helmet! 
Close up with glasses
Without glasses on
Roller skate side!
Front of skate
She even has knee pads!
Safety first
Ghoulia 1 and Ghoulia 2
#1 is wearing Frankie's dress and
Draculaura's boots!!

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