Someone new and little

I added a few new dollies to my collection and this time they aren't Monster High, they are Lalaloopsy dolls! Lalaloopsy Little Sisters to be exact. I got two new girls and two extra outfits for them. Well technically, I got the outfits awhile ago, but I never posted them. I figure since I'm adding the new girls I may as well have some fun!

The New Girls:
I'm Tricky Mysterious!!!
I'm Trouble Dusty Trails!!

Bundles modeling the new outfits:
I'm cute cute cute
And I have a bath towel
with a frog on my head!

 So now I have a total of 6 big Lalas - 3 Large and 3 Little Sisters... although no one actually goes with the others all 3 big ones have adopted a little sister.
Little Sisters
Big Sisters
In a circle!
Rosy has Trouble
Blossom has Bundles
Charlotte has Tricky

And they put on a little show!!

Tricky's Magic Show!
I need a volunteer!
Thank you Bundles. Now just sit here and I'm going to make you disappear!!!
*gasps from the back*
Oh no! I turned her into a carrot!!!!
*Bring her back! Where's Bundles??*
Just a moment and I'll bring her back!!
And under the blanket is...
*wait... how did Bundles keep the carrot??*
Tricky is turning out to be quite a troublemaker... worst part is she has help from Lotte!!! It's safe to say that Lotte is Tricky's favorite person ever.
Pick me up!
haha! *squeal*
Bundles: Noooo!!!
Wahhhh! Lotte is so mean!
I love you Lotte!!
And Trouble isn't too bad... but she did try to ride the cat... sadly didn't work out so well for her as she kept falling off!

Trouble rides again!... well at least tries to

Wanna ride a kitty!
Let's go!
ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Didn't work...
So I'll leave you with these few cute picture of everyone
Rosy and Trouble
Blossom and Bundles
We're all here!!
Until we meet next time!!!

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