I've got the Blues...

Blue haired dolls that is!!

So I tried to bring all the blue-haired dolls I have together. I've got quite a group - 18 with blue hair(wig or rooted, it's still blue!!) and I've got 3 with blue in their hair. As I put the group of 18 together I couldn't help but think... SOMEONE'S MISSING!!! I don't know who it is, but I know there's a missing person!

So I should introduce everyone! 
Back Row: In the back my biggest blue haired beauty - Tempe! She's an American Girl(formerly Felicity), she's wearing a Blythe wig :) She's holding a barbie mini fairy and mermaid and has a fairy on her head. Next to her are two Sailor Moon Ami dolls(aka Sailor Mercury!). They are NOT the same doll! They are different. Yes the second one has a weirdly purple fuku. I got her like that, I don't know why her scout uniform is purple, but it's hers and not Saturn's. Next to them is Ellowyne holding a barbie mini mermaid. 
Second Row: Ghoulia Yelps to start! She's wearing Frankie's dress and Draculaura's boots. Next to her is a Zodiac girlz doll, Virgo. Next to her sitting down are 3 Barbie Fairy dolls. I actually have 2 of the blue one on the end(even her skin is blue!!) but the other one is kinda "flying"(i.e. hanging) from the ceiling in the other room.
Front Row: Two sets of "twins"! The first set are both LIV Daniela dolls. Not the exact same doll, but since they are both Daniela I call them my twins. They are wearing 2 of the blue LIV wigs I have. Also my second set of twins - Zodiac Girlz Gemini! I bought 2 Gemini dolls so I could have the twins. Originally the box just has one doll with 2 sets of clothes.. actually I think the skirt was reversible.... The Zodiac Girlz are the only other doll next to Sakura who Monster High dolls can wear their clothes. Also the Gemini twins are holding Marina! She's a lalaloopsy. So cute!!

Another pic for good measure!

Ellowyne holding the mini mermaid, next to Ami II

Ami I and Ami II - Close-up you can see the differences in the dolls.

Tempe of the fairies!

LIV twins Daniela and Daniella lol - The one on the right is actually wearing a Moxie Teenz outfit. The jacket fits great but the dress is a bit loose. You have to catch the velcro on the extreme edges to make it tighter. The moxie teenz shoes wouldn't fit LIV, but they fit Monster High great!!!

Zodiac Girlz - Gemini Twins
Don't forget Marina in the middle!!

Also the almost blues! These girls have some blue in their hair, but it's not all blue.

My scene Nolee, she's got some blue under her hair. It's very pretty. She's a roller skating girl so she's quite bendy!
Light up fairy - she still lights!!
Barbie - I got her quite a few years ago. She was part of this line of crazy fashion barbies (I got all 6)

Oh crap!! I just realized now that I'm missing Lagoona Blue from my almost blues girls!
Well that's no good!!
I decided to put Callisto in the pic too since she's got some blue hair! I made Callisto... she's my cute leopard girl! <3
Lagoona is wearing other parts of the MH girls outfits. I don't really have clothes for the MH dolls so everyone just kinda swapped outfits!

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