Upcoming additions

Well I can say I got a few new dolls - I got Scarah Screams [I Heart Fashion] from Toys R Us. Nice! She's brand new and my first Scarah! I also got two more girls on Black Friday(thank you Target, only $15 for both dolls. The Target exclusive Scarily Ever After dolls were $10 a doll and the Ghouls Alive also $10, but they ALSO had a buy one get one free on ALL Monster High dolls! $10 for 1, $5 for the second BOOM!)

I got Threadarella and the Ghouls Alive Spectra. I know I did have Spectra on here before, but since she was in box(because she was for my mother-in-law) I can do more pictures with her and my other Spectra.

I almost forgot! I also got a new Power Ghoul - Toralei as Catastrophe! She is a beauty!

I'm hoping to soon add one or two of the Ever After High dolls to my group. They are starting to show up here. I really love Madeline and Raven - but Apple White Legacy day is GORGEOUS!!!

So stay tuned for updates!!

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