Military Theory

In the box
So my mom got a new outfit for Ellowyne. I got to dress my El up in the clothes first.

Piece One, Leotard:
First Piece - Leotard
Back of leotard
Buttons on sleeves
Close-up bow and frills
  Piece Two, Pants:
Pants over the leotard
Pants have a loop for holding daggers
(More on those later)
 Piece Three, Boots:
Boots over the pants
Boots Front
Boots Side
Boots zip up in back
  Piece Four, Jacket:
4 pieces
Jacket front
Jacket back
  Piece Five, Skirt Corset Combo:
All five pieces
Close-up corset skirt combo. It is one piece
Close up of the back
  Piece Six, Gloves:
HARD to get on!!
Thumb is separate from other fingers
  Piece Seven, Hat:
With hat on
Close up of hat
Look! Over there!
  Piece Eight, Daggers:
There are two
Fit in the leg buckle
Now for the extra photo shoot!
She's so cute
With a hat!
Holding the hat at her side, wearing the full outfit
With hat on, wearing full outfit, backside
Looking at you!
Turns out, she can stand without her stand!

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