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I've been working on some new patterns for Mina and some of it wasn't turning out quite as I expected. Mina isn't the easiest doll for me to make clothes for since she is rather... ::ehem:: busty. I have made a few articles of clothing for her, but for the most part it's hard for me to fit her. I have no trouble with Juste or any doll like Samantha.... in fact, for me, the flatter the better(lol). I'm not the greatest at making the patterns, I have to have a good working model of the dress(or whatever) so needless to the the first drafts of several outfits haven't exactly gone where I wanted. This dress was no exception. Turns out Mina was TOO busty for me to close the back of this dress, but that made it a good fit for Ellowyne! So at least now I know I have to expand on the pattern to fit Mina better. So the second round went a lot better. On the first dress I added a lace up section, but I thought perhaps for the second one I'll make a separate bodice. I haven't made it yet, but when I do, I'll post those pictures too.

So here's the finished first draft on Ellowyne:
Close up of lacing
Ell looking good!

And the second dress on Mina - this one fits her better since I adjusted the size of the middle piece. I think where I went wrong on the first one was I didn't account for the adjustment in the middle since I completely lined that part and flipped it to sew the sides on. I should really think about that more!

I'll add the bodice later
The brown ribbon on the bottom is wired so
it tends to stay how you put it.
I just wish I had more shoes....

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