More dresses for Mina

Not saying they don't fit Juste, lol, but I made a couple Victorian style dresses for Mina. I made the underskirt, the underpants, and a bustle for her also. This is probably some of the most embellishment I've put into a dress(not including the Hanfu I made for Samantha), but Mina's never had anything so fancy!

First(striped) dress:

Bustle pad
Front of underpants
Back of pants
Back of skirt
Also this is the same fabric used as the lining
of the bodice piece
Front of dress - unfinished
Back of dress - unfinshed
Bet you didn't think the fabric was once a  shower curtain
Well it was!!
Close up detailing, not finished yet
Back of bodice laces up
Finished detailing the bodice - made a necklace too
Fully finished dress front
Fully finished dress back

Second(Taffeta) dress:

I said Mina had two dresses... currently Juste is wearing this one!! lol - He is really cute in it, you wouldn't know he was a boy... Maybe I'll get a pic of him in it and post it.

Second pair of underpants
Ribbon weaved all the way through :)
Front of dress
This bodice piece is hooked unlike the laced first one
Back of dress
Side view
Close up embellishing. Sewed all the bows on by hand
Close up of back of skirt
Front of bodice close up
All the beads are laced through the ribbon
and then hand sewn on
Tada!! Mina is stylin'

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