Unexpected Dance

I've currently been waiting to find Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras(P.S. I haven't seen them anywhere here yet) so I haven't really been looking for other dolls when I came across a few new girls at Big Lots!
I have seen the two pack Howleen and Clawdeen but I'm not really a fan of that particular Howleen, so when I found the Dance Class doll tonight I was very happy to be able to add Howleen to my collection! I also got my second Robecca. I might have to go back for Lagoona because I was really torn between the two! The only think I still wish they had were stands. Robecca stands pretty well, but my Howleen doesn't seem to like to on her own.

Adorable Dance Class Howleen!
Personally, I find this Howleen MUCH cuter than the other one!!
Shoes close up
Her purse looks like a radio!
Howleen's outfit and belt
Her hands are stuck a bit curled. Not really a problem
Her ear is bent. Cute! XD  Also I brushed out her hair to make it a bit puffier
I love it... gives it quite the Chibi Usa look
Back pigtails :)

Also Robecca! 
Close up of face, hat :)
It's a very cool hat!
Close up of shoes. I think they are pretty epic!
So cool
Under the skirt the top is actually a one piece
Her cool purse
Purse open
Surprisingly her ears AREN'T pierced! 

 Size comparison:

Since Howleen is shorter than the regular girls I took a couple of size difference photos. My lovely assistants Frankie and Nefera are posing with Howleen.

Nefera, Frankie, Howleen
Frankie and Howleen
You can see Howleen is shorter,
though not too much
Nefera and Howleen are quite a sizable difference!
Looks cool though :)

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