Howleen loves Cosplay

I said that Howleen's hair makes me think about Chibi Usa... turns out I have a Chibi Moon doll(I also have a Black Lady doll). Now the Chibi Moon doll is a bit thicker than Howleen so the fuku had to be pinned back to stay on. Surprisingly her boots also fit Howleen! I thought I'd just have a very cute photo shoot of Howleen playing Sailor Chibi Moon <3 Enjoy!!

Tsukini Kawatte Oshiokiyo
Sailor salute
Back pinning
The turn
Looking to the moon
I am Sailor Chibi Moon!!
With the Kyo!
Just transformed back from being Black Lady!
I think it's a little funny though Sailor Chibi Moon... Howleen IS a werewolf so the moon is a theme here right? XD

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