Story Time!!

I found her!! Oh my Little Dead Riding Wolf - you are so pretty!!! I saw all three (Little Dead, Threadarella, and Snow Bite) at Target this week but I only got Little Dead. Oh Snow Bite is quite adorable too XD
Maybe I'll get her later(Well I can hope right?)!

So let's meet Little Dead Riding Wolf(Clawdeen)!

Front of Box
Back of Box
Side - made to look like a  book :D
Still in box, but opened
Close up of shoe
Cape pulled open so you can see pattern
It's quite glittery!
Close up of face :)
So pretty!!
See the red streaks in the hair? :)
And now for the story that comes with it! (Sorry some of it is a bit blurry - it was either blurry or shiny, this way you can at least read it)

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