Welcome to my newest girl!

I have been agonizing about buying this girl for so long! Before Christmas last year she was on sale but I thought, no I better wait and then she went up in price for about 2 months, when at that point it just became super hard to find her. They put out a new line of the girls but I wanted this one. This single doll. The rest of the girls just don't speak to me, but Tristen, my lovely Tristen, totally does! I finally found the one I wanted at Toys R Us yesterday, and to make it better she was much cheaper than she had ever been! $15

She's a Moxie Teenz Tristen!
She's very flexible, bends at the knees, arms, wrists, waist and upper torso

Arm and Wrist
Arm also bends backward just a tad much
Upper Torso

Also, her hair is a wig! So I can try that hair on my Monster High Create a Monster sets
With wig off - head is like a LIV doll
With wig
Ya know it was her pretty eyes that made me like her so much! She's got a very pretty face

Tristen likes Mina too. She says she's the big sis she always wanted :D
Mina says we should call Tristen Triscuit - ya know, like the cracker. Oh Mina, you know I'll do it!

Mina, Marina, Triscuit, and Tippy

Thank you Triscuit for coming home with me! I hope you enjoy your new family

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