LIVing Monster High

 I don't know why it took me so long to really think about it, but I have LIV dolls that wear wigs and the MH Create a Monsters have wigs... why not see if the LIV fit? Well - they do! It doesn't exactly work the other way around though. I'm not one to cut the pegs off the wigs, I think it helps them and since the MH:CaM have a hole in the backs of their heads too - it works!

The Heads:
Top of MH:CaM head - notice the nice square hole
LIV head - notice the nice round hole

The Wigs:
MH Wig - Long squared peg (don't fit on LIV head)
LIV Wig - Short round peg (Fits the square hole just fine!) 

The Girls:
Desiree in LIV wig I dyed pink
From the side
The only issue seems that the girls with ears do have the
LIV cap cover them slightly. I have no issue with this as I'm not
really looking at the ears and the hair would cover it anyway.
Clawdette in LIV wig
I have also heard Moxie Teenz wigs will work, but I have yet to test this theory. I always wanted to get the Moxie Teenz Tristan doll, but the one I want is no longer sold in stores around here. Ah maybe I'll find a wig somewhere. As a plus I do know for A FACT that Moxie Teenz shoes fit Monster High dolls!!

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