Boxed In

So I've still been making up my mind about Cupid in the box or out and then I got someone new... or should I say some TWO new. Yes! I found the twins!!!

So I have decided to keep them, Cupid and Gloom Beach Frankie in their boxes. Good thing the boxes open easily though, I took some pics of all of them, the main box is open, but all of them are still tethered to their respective chunks of cardboard.

So first off Meowlody and Purrsephone

Out of the box.. sort of
Meowlody's Shoes.. Love the shoes 
Purrsephone's shoes

Then I took more pics of Cupid:

Close up of the shoes
Shoes Side
Leg with lace
Bow and arrow :)
Lacy hands too
Close Up - her hair is EXTREMELY stiff!
And the back

And last are pics of Gloom Beach B&W Frankie!

In the box

Yup - it's the shoes! 
Up close :)
Side view so you can see the swimsuit

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