Score! I got something new :D

I haven't really been paying too much attention to the Create a Monster kits from Monster High lately but one caught my eye as I was browsing though Target earlier today. A new kit!!! A witch and a cat girl! There are 2 bodies(yes count em TWO!!) but only 1 wig and 1 set of shoes. I have some of the add on girls so I threw a different wig on one of them :P

So since I could make 2 new girls I did!

Meet Desiree and Annabelle!

The witch is so cute! I named her Desiree

The wings are actually the wings of the bee girl
I just thought it looked cute <3
Love her green skin!
And cute little hat! Very adorable wig
The shoes are sooo cool!! Black cats,
the tail wraps around the ankle!
Then Annabelle the Cat girl!

I'm a rock star
Painted whiskers and clip on ears! Also the bee girl wig!
I got stripes and lookie a tail!!
Too bad Toralei's tail won't fit!
I stole the stand from Cleo the II - not like she's using it
Also the shoes are bee girl's...

On the back of the package there was an additional ghost girl add on AND a starter set of BOYS yes! BOYS also a boy add on! How cool is that?? Didn't see any of them in stock (I would have gotten them for sure) as this set was literally the last thing on the shelf! I can't wait to find more!!!

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