New Monster High girls!!

So I finally managed to find Nefera de Nile & Operetta! I had to go to two separate Target's but I got them both! Now once I find Cupid I can add her to my ever growing MH family :) and other than Dawn of the Dance Lagoona, she's the only one I want at the moment. (I mean, I've heard rumors of Purrsephone and Meowlody dolls - but I've yet to confirm anything with anyone else I know!)

So introducing my newest doll family members - Nefera de Nile & Operetta!

Nefera full body - holding Azura
Nefera and Azura
Nefera's amazing shoes!

and since she's Cleo's sister I had to have a couple of shots of Nefera with her sister(s)!
Cleo III, Nefera, Cleo I, and Cleo II(sitting) 
Nefera and her sisters!
I'm not gonna lie - Cleo is my favorite of the MH girls, followed in a VERY close second by Lagoona. I only have multiples of 3 dolls - 3 Cleo's, 2 Lagoona's and 2 Draculaura's(the second one was the date one with Clawd - couldn't say no! and if I had my way I probably would have gotten the Dawn of the Dance 3 pack from Walmart *JUST* for that Draculaura!) 

Also Operetta!
Operetta and Memphis "Daddy-O" Longlegs
Back view
Side view

Up Close
Arm tattoos

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