A Visit from an Ellowyne Passing Through

So at my door this morning what should appear? A big box addressed to my mother! Of course being the snoop that I am I called her to tell her that her package arrived and asked what was in it.(Mind you I would have ended up opening it anyway!) She told me to open it and I find a very beautiful Ellowyne! Long golden hair, grey eyes rimmed in kohl, dark red lips - oh she's a beauty!

Of course the only problem with this poor Ell was that she had no clothes!! So I set about to make her something to wear. I put her hair in a ponytail to control it. It's super pretty!
Hand sewn - 2 pieces - skirt and shirt are separate
Side view
Back - top laces closed - skirt has a button

Then of course I wanted to see how she looked next to my El
Pretty girls :)
Both take a good photo!!

Then onward to a few more shots of Golden Ell - I put her in the blue flapper dress and in Delilah's Debut School clothes! Very nice!!

Good view of the ponytail
Blue flapper dress is cute on her!

Another one fits Delilah's clothes!
Pay no attention to the dog behind me!
So you've now met my visitor! Sadly she's only staying for a short time. I hope mom likes the new clothes!

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