Finally! Oh Sweet relief!

So I *FINALLY* got my Debut Delilah! You cannot believe how pissed I've been over the whole freaking ordeal with getting her. She was ordered on December 4th - Shipped the 5th(my birthday mind you so it's not likely I can forget!) and somehow got refused twice and sent back to the seller on December 24th - found out about the whole mess on January 4th....
[This is what I wrote on facebook about it - Freaking post office!!! Only 1 person working, 50 people in line and they don't have a friken clue! I ordered a doll on eBay at the beginning of December - still haven't got it so I contacted the seller - she gives me the delivery confirmation # and SOMEHOW the post office marked the package as refused - twice! So it was already sent back to the seller a week ago. How was it refused?? I was never given the damn package!]
That last sentence is completely accurate - the package was NEVER delivered to my house even though it had the correct address and everything - and then onward to repaying postage on Jan 5th and having it sent BACK to me - only to have this shit happen again!  But today[Jan 12] finally something has gone right!!! We had to pay another $10 to have it sent BACK to me - only to have it listed as refused again yesterday! So I talked to my mailman (Fred the mailman!) today, only he tells me he never had a package for me yesterday! I went down to the post office again today to talk to a supervisor about it and he found my package!! It was all set to go back to the seller AGAIN except I got lucky cause the truck hadn't left yet!! Yay! I've been waiting since the 5th of December to get her! I was so happy about him finding my doll that I actually started crying! I know - super dork - but I was so frustrated by everything and finally had the relief of bringing her home!!

I have already made her a new wig - I took a bunch of pictures of her all dressed up in her outfits - with each wig. Also I made sure to dress Ellowyne in them too lol. I can't help it! El looks so good!

Delilah 2's new wig
Debut Delilah in Purple - with wig I made -
btw, I have her on El's doll stand
Back of wig
Back of wig up close - bottom layers red, the rest black
Top of wig
Another top view of wig
Without hat
Delilah 2 in Purple with Black Wig
In Purple with Blonde wig
Had to have a close up of the boots! They are pretty sweet

El in Delilah's School outfit
Close-up of Delilah's school shoes on El's feet
Delilah 2 in School Uniform with Blonde wig
In school uniform with Black wig
El in Purple outfit - looking fantastic!!
Never a bad shot!!
So fabulous!! 
Delilah 2 & El in both new outfits

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