Flippy Flappers

So I got it in my head to make a couple of flapper like dresses for Ellowyne. I made 2 - one for me and one for my mom. I made mine blue since, well, my Ell has pretty blue hair and it kind of goes well with her :)

So first off my blue Flapper Dress:

Front - used white fringe to give it some color. I think the resulting combination is quite nice.

Side view: I used the last inch of fringe and sewed it to the sleeve :)

Back view: Closes with a snap

Then there's the pink/red Flapper Dress I made for my mom's doll Adrift. Adrift is a redhead...so I guess I'm color coordinating outfits with their hair color - lol
Although the dress is still being modeled by my doll at the moment

Front - Pink dress with red lining and red fringe. I also made the strap pink and red twisted together!

Back - Also closes with a single snap

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