Little Apple Dolls: Exclusives

Exclusive LADs
There are two kinds of exclusive, Comic Con and Store

First - Comic Con Exclusives, 2005, 2006, 2007
Pestis & Creo(Twins), Praeses, Solus
Exclusive boxes are black.

2005- Pestis & Creo
Pestis & Creo Con Exclusive 2005
Pestis & Creo front of box
Pestis in box
Creo in box
 2006 - Praeses
Praeses Con Exclusive 2006
Front of box
Praeses in box
She's got terrible box hair!!
Praeses out of box
Yes, her body is red!
2007 - Solus
There were only 999 produced!
Solus Con Exclusive 2007
Solus's certificate
Front of box
Solus in box
Solus out of box
Second - Store Exclusives - Hot Topic, Forbidden Planet
Mirari, Ianua
Ianua & Mirari
Mirari - Hot Topic Exclusive
I love Mirari's blue dress!
Mirari in box
Back of Mirari's box
Notice the Hot Topic logo
Logo is also on Mirari's booklet
Mirari out of box
Ianua - Previews/Forbidden Planet Exclusive
She was fun to acquire - I had to order her from Heroes & Dragons and then wait three months for her to arrive! Still worth it though.
Ianua in box
Ianua out of box
Back of Ianua's box

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