Aye Aye Captain!

I got me a hook!

I recently bought a Taeyang Captain Hook - for only $30! Usually they run around $160-$180, but I got quite a steal. He's my first Pullip doll of any kind. I really adore him.

In the box
Box opened
Hi - I'm Captain Hook
His eyes close!
And they move
Frock coat
Frock coat open
His fancy shoes
Arr! His hook!
Knee high stockings
Fancy pants?
They even have little bows
Frilly shirt
Seriously though, he's got a lot of joints.
Balls for the ankles
Arm moves at wrist, elbow, and two at the shoulder
Huge range of motion!
The mechanisms for the eyes 
Even his neck and head move separate
Watching you!
His knees have a lot of range
Another view of the shoulder & arm
Torso and hips have several joints
Hook! Hook! Hook!
He does have a mustache...
But they are stickers, so I didn't put them on
Who has time for that?
Yawn! You bore me
Love the hat
Hook's back. Personally I love the hair.

Hope you like the photos!


  1. Wow, that was a fantastic sale! I was happy when I picked this guy up a couple of months ago for $45, but $30 is really impressive! :)

    Are you keeping him as Captain Hook or will you customize him?

  2. I'll be keeping him as Hook - I just don't think I'll put the mustache on. I really like how he is!