Blue Hair Con 2014!

The Girls of Blue Hair Con 2014!
I decided to do another set of photos of my blue haired dolls. The collection has grown since I did it last :)
The first time only had 18 dolls - now there are over 30! Two dolls from the first set are missing - two of the fairies. I just couldn't get to the box with them in it.
Six of the dolls do have wigs, but they are blue wigs so it counts lol, that - and that I made two of the wigs. The ones Mina and Delilah are wearing.

Tempe & a fairy on Mina's head
Tempe's wig was a Blythe wig I bought.
Tempe used to be Felicity.
Ellowyne, Ami, Ghoulias
Delilah, Mina, Bundles, and another fairy.
Mina & Delilah have wigs I made :)
Twin Danielas! Both LIV Daniela dolls
Two different blue wigs
Winx - Musa & Icy
I bought them when they first came out
Zodiac Girlz Virgo, the Ghoulias are behind her 
My 3 Ghoulia dolls
Ami, Nefera, & Robecca
Madeline, Robecca, Ami(#2) holding a micro Marina
 and a pinypon behind her
Zodiac Girlz Gemini
Lalas Rosy, Marina & Feather
Mermalade Zelf & Ice Girl Create a Monster
Ami(with micro Marina), Blue Fairy holding mermaid
Pinypon next to Big Rosy
Big Rosy holding Pinypon

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