Comparing Ever After High to Monster High Doll

Since I've finally got the Ever After High dolls, I thought it time to compare the body and fit of clothes/shoes to Monster High.

So the dolls I used were - Apple White:
Apple White
and Cleo - The Cleo on the right is wearing a Bratz outfit which Apple will also be appearing in.
Cleo #5 & Cleo #3
Apple & Cleo bodies
 Apple's hips are wider, her arms are wider also and she has bigger boobs, which is going to be a slight problem for Cleo.
Clothing switch!
 Apple is good for the first(swimsuit) piece closing, but the pants were a bit harder to close, all velcro but the wide hips didn't help.
Shoes, however are PERFECT
Very perfect
Cleo's little problem
 Might not be such a problem were the dress to have straps or hold up otherwise, but Apple's dress is strapless. If it weren't for the doll stand piece, the dress would expose Cleo easily! Otherwise - stockings were also a great fit.
Apple looked great in the swimsuit
For sure
 Bratz clothes:
PERFECT fit! The shoes are Frankie's

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the useful information ^_^
    I was planning to buy some shoes for my Monster High dolls and was wondering if my EAH would benefit of that too. Now I know they will! ;D

    Hope you have a lovely day~