So finally after a price drop I decided I could buy one of the Bratzillaz dolls.. and since it was $10, I figured I should just go ahead and buy 2 since now 2 of them were the same price as 1 had been before... that, and the fact that there were only 2 left at Toys R Us! I got Meygana Broomsticks and Jade J'Adore. I wanted them but had been waffling, Bratz had never been my favorite dolls, I only owned 4 of them and 3 are LTE kimono dolls all still in their boxes.

Well without further ado -
Meygana Broomsticks
With cape
Without cape
Hair ... I had a few issues...
I should explain I suppose... when I took her out of the box some of her hair got stuck with the tape and I ended up brushing her hair. BIG MISTAKE. It just frizzed out sooooooooooooo bad! I had to use a liberal amount of coconut oil and try to work her hair into ringlets that didn't puff into a giant mess. I think I did a pretty good job of calming it down.
She bends pretty well. Many joints.
Also comes with a stand
Pilot glasses
Witch hat
I love her eyes! Pretty inset eyes.
Although her face is a little weirdly flat...
They have actual feet!
Close up of the boots
Close up of shirt and skirt
Although the wrong angle of picture makes her look like
she's gonna murder you... in your sleep.
Jade J'Adore
With cape
from behind
Witch hat
Heart garters
Full dress
Close up with lace
Close up of face
Love the hearts in her eyes
Barbie clothes... not a good fit
Regular bratz clothes. Seems like the bottom is prefect but the top
is just a bit tight
The back doesn't close all the way
Monster High clothes... sorta fit...
The top barely closes... the bottom almost works 
Monster High pants.... I'll go with NO
Moxie teen dress.... waaay too big
I just had to give it a try!

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