Lotty the daredevil

You can trust me!
Turns out Lotty is a bit of a daredevil. This is not for the faint of heart!!(Like poor Bundles!!)
According to Lotty it all started when she was taking Mimi for a walk.

Come along Mimi!
Mimi!! Stop! Mimi!!!
Did you see Mimi Rosy??
She went that way Lotty!
No! Mimi fell down here!! I can reach here if I hang just right!
Lotty! What are you doing!! You'll fall!!
I must get Mimi!!!
I got her Rosy! Help me up!
Ahh!!!! Bundles don't look!!!!
I'm slipping Rosy!! Help!!
Bundles: Waaaaaaaaa!!! Don't die Lotty!!!!
I've got you!!!!
Rosy: ::panting:: You're safe Lotty!
Bundles: Lemme see!!!
Blossom: Lotty you scared us to death!!
Blossom: She's OK Bundles!!!
Rosy: Don't worry Bundles!
Bundles: Lemme see Lotty!!
Blossom: See Bundles - Lotty's OK
Rosy: Lotty, let me make sure you're OK
Bundles: Lotty Ok? Need a bite of ice cream?
Make you feel better!
(Mimi is now playing with the frog behind Blossom)
Lotty: Thank you Bundles, but I'm fine :)
Lotty it looks like you're completely fine.
Please don't go over the edge like that again!!
Let me help you up :)
Thanks Rosy!
Rosy: Bundles, you're so sweet to offer your ice cream.
Bundles: Ice cream make it all better!
Rosy: Lotty, tell Bundles you're sorry.
Lotty: Sorry for scaring you Bundles.
Bundles: I love Lotty and Rosy! And Blossom!!
Lotty: I'm sorry for scaring everyone, it won't happen again.
You can trust me :) 

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