Monster High Gooliope Jellington - What fits?

Gooliope Jellington - she's HUGE so what fits?
It's a great question right? I have many many dolls to test the clothes from.
As I've said before, she's as large as Mina (1/4th BJD) with her shoes on. (Mina is a full 18in tall, Gooliope is 17in)

Barbie clothes:
YES, Some.
Some dresses, tops, and skirts. NO on the pants - because, obviously.
Gooliope wearing the 1998 Holiday Barbie dress
Delilah Noir:
The skirt needs to be taken in, the sleeves are a bit long. Socks are great :D
Overall, not too bad, but not a great fit. Some work and it'll be perfect!
Wearing Delilah Noir outfit
Franklin Mint Guinevere:
Again, SORT OF
The sleeves are a great fit, it's a dress so that's in it's favor! The belt even sits on her fat hips, a PLUS!! But again it's her top... She has a small bosom and most of these other dolls of mine don't.
It needs to be pinned, so a little work and it fits. If she's just sitting around, it works great.
Front of the Guinevere Dress, not too shabby
But it needs pinned!!
Gene Marshall:
Another SORT OF - (see torso comments above!)
The shorts fit GREAT! And I mean great! NO ISSUE. Perfect size to close. Gene is a 15 1/2in doll, so I'm thinking the pants would end up being highwaters, but the shorts - A+
The dress - also a half fit. The top needs to be pinned. Like I said, if she is just sitting on a shelf, the pin isn't a problem. If you're playing with her...
I do have a few patterns for Gene so I think I can work with it pretty easy.
I made the socks for Mina, of course they fit great!!
She looks awesome!
Needs a pin on top
Mina, my BJD:
Not a chance.
The fit was so laughable, I couldn't even get a photo. Mina is a big girl, but I did get a good idea how to resize the bodices I make to have them fit Gooliope! Won't be too hard I think.

Ellowyne Wilde:
SORT OF...ish
Now I know El has close to the same portions as Mina, but there is some slight variation.
I know she'd have the same problems with Ellowyne tops as she does with all the others.
Now the pants... These pants were made specifically for Ellowyne, (I know, I made them! - Also pants are EASY to make. Like easy easy easy. First thing I ever made, pants.)
Ellowyne has a stockier body than Gooliope, but the length is perfect!
I pinned the pants about 2 inches. Yea, it's a lot, but I can make these for Gooliope no problemo now!
Nice to know I barely have to alter the pattern :D
Wearing a Barbie halter and Ellowyne pants 

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