Zodiac Girlz

So I finally dug my Zodiac Girlz out to do a second blue-haired photo shoot and decided to get pics of all of the and make a post.

I bought every one of the dolls many years ago when the only KB Toys in Colorado Springs went out of business at the Chapel Hills Mall. We bought a lot of stuff when they went out of business. I bought 13 of these dolls, 2 of Gemini so I could have the twins be actual twins. Gemini actually has reversible clothes, but well - how could I not want her to have an actual twin?

I'm not certain that these dolls are even made anymore, but I love them. They are unique and interesting - from all walks of life. They are just awesome to me.

They did come with some other accessories, but I have those somewhere else so... sorry no photos.

Booklet with Zodiac
The Girls:
Aquarius comes with a wheelchair!
In her chair
She has a head tie like Aquarius
but I couldn't find it...
Gemini Twins
Unfortunately, my Libra's hat has left a stain on her head :(
That's my sign! :D
She's quite beautiful
She's a beauty too
Sorry it's blurry - glasses off
The adorable comb they all come with


  1. I've never seen this line before, but that's a great concept for a doll line - and they're cute too!

    How pose-able are they?

    1. I would say they were more "bendy" than pose-able. They bend to sit and the arms do rotate around, but to bend the knees and arms, you have to really bend them, and they stay like that until you unbend them. The arms try to "float" too. They just stay out from the body a bit. I use a rubberband to keep the arms closer together when I store them.

  2. A bit of trivia: the dolls' dresses were designed by Jason Wu, when he was at Integrity Toys. He later went on to design Michelle Obama's inaugural gown. The artist who illustrated the Girlz is still working - you can see some of her stuff here - http://www.redbubble.com/people/ravenfaye?ref=artist_title_name :)