Victorian Model in Scarlet

Well I have been on a bit of a sewing kick lately - I've been thinking I may reopen my Etsy Shop.

I really love making these Victorian type outfits. It consists of a bodice and skirt.
Because of the way I make these outfits, they can fit on both my Ellowyne Wilde and Mina, my 1/4th size BJD. Mina, though bustier than El, just has the laces looser on the back.
I've made 5 of these dresses so far, and most of them are some shade of purple. I truly love the bodices!
I made one outfit so see if I might sell it. I get so attached to my work!

Here it is! My Victorian Scarlet:
P.S. Don't mind the smudging in some of the pictures - my table is overrun by junk mail...

Dress before any embellishing
Front, finished
Back, finished
Close up of bead work on front
Beaded drape sleeve
Bodice back, close up of gold closings
Closer view of back
Embellishments - 2 bows, sewn with gold flowers
Slight bead work in center 
Front with ruffle and gold trim
All the pleats were made from fabric, not ribbon
Full side view
Can't help it, El is gorgeous!

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