Little Apple Dolls

Mentis is always watching you!
Welcome to the Inbetween!
This is my first post on LAD or Little Apple Doll. No doubt by now you've met Mentis elsewhere on my blog. She can be seen wearing kimono, hanging out with her boyfriend Juste, and well just being intimidating.

Mentis is in fact the only one of my LADs to escape her box. There's a whole headless story behind her, well let's just say, she's not one to mess with!
Every LAD comes with 3 things: Little Apple Red, Nails(to put in Little Apple Red) and a story book. The first Mentis I got was missing her apple & most of her nails, but she had the storybook. I still bought a second Mentis to stay in the box.

Nails & Little Apple Red
Before I get more into the LADs I own -

Little Apple Dolls are made by Ufuoma Urie, they come out of the UK. Check out Screaming Matriarch for more info.
LAD used to be available from Underground Toys and stores like Hot Topic. The artist & the manufacturer had a bad breakup years ago and long story short - she produces the dolls herself now from her website. Honestly I LOVE the new line of dolls - but I can't afford it. The prices used to be around $30 a doll, now they are closer to $75. I understand the price increase, and she makes them herself so I support that, I just can't afford it - also shipping from the UK... If I win the lottery, I'll buy them forthwith! The few that show up on eBay are also super pricey!

I do own the first 4 series of LAD, 3 Comic Con Exclusives, and 2 store Exclusives.
I will have a separate post for each Series and Exclusive

LAD are vinyl body dolls.
Extent of motion

Mentis loves dressing up!
In blue
I love making Kimono for Mentis - they look great on her!!

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